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Positive thinking has nothing to do with being happy all day long. The way you think, positively or negatively, defines how you approach and experience your life. It determines how you feel and usually influences the results of your actions.

Your thoughts determine the world around you and how you step on it.

“Do everything, and do it fine” is everywhere, at home, with friends, with your partner, and especially in your head. The overwhelming demand for perfection and constant happiness jeopardizes positive mindsets, making you see the glass as half empty.

Fortunately, science has shown that practicing positive thinking has outstanding results for your health and wellbeing.

The Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Better Physical and Mental Health

According to John Hopkins, there is a strong link between positive thinking and health. Research shows that a daily positive attitude helps protect the body from inflammatory processes, improves heart conditions, and enhances life satisfaction.

Positivity Protects Your Heart

If you have a family history of heart disease and practice positive thinking, research shows that you may have a significantly lower risk of having a cardiovascular event.

A Natural Sedative For Anxiety

A positive attitude allows you to see something good in every situation. When done constantly, your brain learns to focus on the positive aspects of life and expect good things to happen, reducing anxiety and catastrophic thoughts.

Stress Management

A positive mindset helps you, not to make a mountain out of a molehill. Stress has a negative impact on your cognitive functions, such as attention, memory, decision-making, and motivation. Being able to overcome stressful situations and approach life challenges with positivity will make you more successful.

Positivity Increases Your Productivity

When you complete a task, deliver before a deadline, or overcome difficulties at work, you can feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Taking the time to celebrate and enjoy achievements is key. Your brain floods itself with dopamine, enhancing the feeling of pleasure, and therefore, wants to do it again. Taking the time to enjoy your success will make you feel happier and provide you with more energy and enthusiasm for the next task.

Positive Thinking vs Negative Thinking

Do you celebrate your achievements? Or do you concentrate on what’s next? The way you treat and talk to yourself is the key to your daily confidence and mood.

How can you identify if you have a positive attitude about yourself?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • After archiving a difficult task, do you give yourself time to celebrate it and cheer yourself? Or do you focus on the difficulties that came across while doing it?

  • Do you blame yourself for others’ mistreatment? Taking others’ behavior personally can make you feel diminished and out of place. Remember that everyone is fighting a battle.

  • How demanding are you with yourself? Do you usually overbook your day with tasks and chores that are impossible to get done in 24 hours? Your unrealistic demands will make you feel guilty and unproductive.

  • When your experience a minor difficulty, does it ruin the rest of your day?

How To Foster A Positive Mindset?

Smile even if you have to fake it: Science has discovered that smiling enhances your mood. Smile every day. The brain does not know if the smile is real or not. It just decodes from your facial muscles that you are happy. So, when you are in a bad mood just smile for a few seconds.

Meditate: Meditation will help you focus on the present and appreciate what´s good in your life.

Be selective about who you share yourself with: Avoiding social toxicity is self-care. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself and respect your individuality.

Be your best friend: Be aware of how you talk to yourself. Use compassionate words of encouragement and appreciation. Find what you like about yourself and say it in front of the mirror. Be kind to yourself always.

Celebrate small wins: no matter how slight an achievement may seem. Find a moment to celebrate it.

Positive thinking is not being unaware of difficulties or ignoring unpleasant experiences. It's all about how you embrace situations, thoughts, and emotions that come your way. If you practice living with a positive attitude, you will find something to be grateful for in every situation.

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