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Are you a busy professional looking to get the edge on your career by improving your health? Ready to cut through the noise and regain control of your stress, mind and physical well-being? You CAN have it all! My simple strategies are efficient and will give you the results you need.  However, they are not for the weak hearted!  It will take dedicated effort, focus and commitment.... three qualities you look for all members of your team at work.  So let's show them how it is done!


This FREE PDF download is a 10-week challenge focusing on a new habit each week to improve your overall health


When the time is right to take your goals to the most focused level, this program is for you! Intensive focus on sleep, stress, mindful ness, proper nutrition calculated exclusively for you based on your current lean mass and goals.  Supplement with focused dedicated time in the gym to build muscle while decreasing body fat. This program is by application and interview only, sign up time to learn more below!!


FREE Download: Step-by-Step Guide How to Drop the First 15 Lbs. Follow the steps in this guide that provide a behind-the-scenes look at how we drop the first 15 lbs with our Elite Coaching Clients.  

“I am on a get fit / be well journey and Sara trains and coaches me to assure I am pushing myself properly and reaching my goals. I am very new to strength training and have a lot to learn.  She is a kind woman with a flexible schedule and tenacious spirit. She has me doing things I didn’t think I was capable of accomplishing and pushes me in a positive way.  That's the ultimate endorsement.  Oh - and I am a 57 year old grandmother :)  #noexcuses"  ~Sherry

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