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Coaching has always been my passion. With 12 years of experience and over 34 certifications, I prioritize quality over quantity in every aspect of training. From warm-ups and mobility to deadlifts and squats, mastering proper movement patterns is a lifelong skill that I believe is essential for overall health and performance.

As a dual-sport NCAA Division II athlete in Track and Field and Volleyball, my journey began with softball tryouts. I was a four-year letter winner and held a spot in the Top 10 All-time throwers list for 15 years at Northwest Missouri State. I earned seven All-Conference honors across four events. Additionally, I also played basketball throughout high school and could have pursued it further if my heart wasn't set on my chosen school.


My love for sports is unwavering and deeply ingrained in who I am. This also set me apart in my corporate sales career, implementing the constant feedback loop and teamwork you get through athletics. I hold a Master's in Business Administration and applied so much of what I learned growing up as an athlete into my professional career.

I am passionate about coaching and, more importantly, I thrive on watching others improve. My approach combines high expectations with a fun, engaging environment. However, I run a tight ship—there’s no room for slacking off. This is your opportunity to become the best version of yourself.

Join me and discover how learning to move well can transform your life.


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  • Catchers - Follow curriculum from Jen Schroeder Catching

  • Hitting - Follows curriculum from Coach Matt Lisle and Megan Rembielak

  • Throwing - Follows curriculum from Austin Wasserman


  • Basic Youth Fundamentals

  • Position-Specific Training for Outside Hitters

Track & Field - curriculum from Scott Cappos

  • Shot Put

  • Discus

  • Javelin

  • Hammer


  • Basic Youth Fundamentals

Strength and Conditioning

  • Youth development and training - follows curriculum from Youth Athlete Training

  • American Council on Exercise Youth Fitness

  • National Federation of High Schools Strength and Conditioning

  • Squats and Deadlifts - Dr. Aaron Horschig

  • Mobility - Mandy Froehlich

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  • USA Track & Field

  • National High School Strength Coaches Association

  • Nebraska Coaches Association


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American Council on Exercise

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Group Fitness Instructor

  • Sports Conditioning Specialist

  • Youth Fitness Specialist

  • Senior Fitness Specialist

  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise

  • Sport Core

  • ABC Fitness

  • Sport Strength

  • Designing Conditioning Workouts

  • Sports Nutrition and Weight Management

Precision Nutrition

  • Level 1

  • Level 2 


  • Suspension Training

  • Functional Training 


Strong First Kettlebell Course

International Sports Sciences Association

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Powerlifting Trainer and Coach

Bret Contreras Academy

  • Strong Lifting Certified

National Federation of High School Associations

  • Certified Interscholastic Coach

  • NFHS Coach Level 1, 2 & 3

  • Accredited Interscholastic Coach

  • National Parent Credential

  • NFHS Middle School Coach Level 1

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Coaching Softball

  • Fundamentals of Coaching

  • First Aid, Health and Safety

  • Elective Certificates

    • Concussions in Sports

    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    • Heat Illness Prevention

    • Protecting Students from Abuse

    • Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

    • Positive Parenting within School Programs

    • Engaging Effectively with Parents

    • Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors

    • Sportsmanship

National Federation of Strength and Conditioning

  • Strength and Conditioning Certified Specialist (CSCS) - By 2025


About Me.

Nick Hochertz was born near Chicago, Illinois. He played football, soccer, track, and wrestling in high school. Nick enlisted in the U.S. Army Infantry at 17 years old. He graduated in 2011 from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor’s of Science in Leadership as well as taking classes in kinesiology.


He was a USA Judo Collegiate National Champion and was the primary trainer when his team swept USA Judo Nationals in 2011. Nick also trained in multiple martial arts such as Brazilian jujitsu, Hoteikan Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, Muy Thai boxing, Jeet Kun Do, and boxing.


He commissioned in the Artillery and had many duties from Medical Platoon Leader, Army Combatives Instructor, and Company Commander to name a few. He has trained over 1200 Soldiers and athletes both younger and older. He discharged from the military for a career in business but has since changed to his passion of helping people on their fitness journeys as an ISSA Certified trainer.

Nick’s training approach relies heavily on stabilized movements to prevent injury and increase athleticism.

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