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Hello!  Sara here, just wanted to welcome you & also to congratulate you for taking the step towards your fitness goals 💪 

This portal is to help you along your journey, but your coach will be heavily involved in helping you implement everything while also holding you accountable. 


The videos on this Welcome page are important, so be sure to watch them right away!


Keep an eye on this portal as it will be updated throughout - There will be a post in the group when new stuff has been added. 

Super excited to have you here and watch your progress! 



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What we need BEFORE your kick-off call

You would have been told on your first call the homework that needs to be done, but to recap: 

We can't do a consultation call without these: 

1) MyFitnessPal set up and ready to go along with a few days of honest tracking completed!

2) Set up Sara Sutherland Fitness workout app (AKA Trainerize) and connected to MyFitnessPal in the set up process.

3) Starting Photos - Front, Side & Back in a bikini or sports bra/shorts for females, shorts only for men (No selfies please!) uploaded into Sara Sutherland Fitness app.


If you have all that done, AWESOME! We're ready for our kick off call!