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Training with Dr. Nicole Rivera

Super insight into Gut Health & Tools to look at in order to manage your gut health. 

  • If you are experiencing any digestion issues such as bloating, stomach pains, cramps, bowel movement issues - Please let your coach know as they will guide you through this 

  • Take the video with a pinch of salt, not everyone has digestion issues 

  • Before supplementing you need to look at the route cause first 

This video has been deleted.


Training with Carl Pate

Productivity training on how to get your time back 

Main Talking points: 

1) The 3 main pillars to productivity - Energy, Focus & Consistency 

2) How to say no to people 

3) Tools on keeping focus 

4) System on how to tie it all together 

5)  3-1 method to planning 

.... and much more