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I Can’t.

Have you ever used this phrase? The two little words “can” and “not” combined together as a contraction make up an incredibly powerful phrase that really should be eliminated from everyone’s vocabulary. There are very few things in life in which you truly cannot do. For everything else, you are usually choosing not to. The difference lies in your mindset. “Can’t” pushes the blame to external factors. That whatever it is, is out of YOUR control. It may be physical, mental or emotional in nature. Using this phrase almost certainly guarantees that you are pushing ownership of the situation to something else and not trying to find a solution. Shift your mindset and recognize that you are choosing not to! This may be difficult at first, however it is a fundamental shift that must happen for you to assume intrinsic control over situations, own what is happening around you, prioritize and then move into problem solving mode! Ownership is key. Especially as it relates to health, wellness, fitness and overall goals. You are in complete control of your schedule, your actions, your mindset, your workouts, your approach, your environment, your friends, your surroundings, etc.

I challenge you to eliminate “can’t” from your life. Recognize that you are making the choice to not do something, act a certain way, or think certain thoughts. And choosing not to is PERFECTLY OKAY! There may be a variety of factors that are leading up to this choice! Embrace what life is throwing at you, change what you want to and be okay with what you are not willing do to right now.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ~ Henry Ford

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