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For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with the size of my thighs.  And why do they have to rub together?  It makes summers really awful trying to wear shorts!  Societal pressures and “standards” make this topic such a hot debate for so many!  Thigh gap or no thigh gap?

Wikipedia defines a thigh gap as “a space between the inner thighs of some women when standing upright with knees touching. A thigh gap has become an aspect of physical attractiveness that has been associated with fragility and femininity. In the United States, it has been reported that among teenage girls, a gap has become a beauty ideal. Achieving a thigh gap is difficult for many women and has led to cases of extreme dieting or even surgery in order to try to obtain it. The thigh gap craze has been criticized as physically unnatural and a mostly unachievable body shape goal and as a cause of eating disorders.”

Wow.  There is a lot going on here!  Emotional and physical aspects, not to mention what psychological issues accompany this obsession.  Why do we focus so much on the way someone looks on the outside versus how we are on the inside?  There needs to be a fundamental shift to focus on who we are on the inside!

What areas should we focus on to take care of ourselves from the inside out?

  • General activity level!  Get moving consistently every single day!

  • Consuming whole, nutrient dense foods that have 1-ingredient! Think chicken and other lean meats, rice, oats, vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc.

  • Sleep 7-9 hours EVERY night

  • Drink around 1 gallon (or more!) of water a day

  • Keep stress levels low! Find yoga, meditation, breathing techniques or even just go back to point #1!

  • Positive social circles

  • Relaxation time!

  • Behavior to match your goals! If you want something, make decisions and act towards that goal!

Love yourself.  Love your body.  If someone has a thigh gap, there might be other things about their bodies that they wish were different.  If you want a thigh gap, are you willing to do what it takes to get your body fat that low?  And even if it is low, depending on your hips and amount of muscle in your legs, you may still not have a gap!  Put energy into feeling good on the inside, know that you are living a healthy lifestyle and gain self-confidence and worth to know that you are more than just a thigh gap!


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