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Good old H2O.  Some love it, and some certainly don’t!  It can be a struggle each and every day just drinking plain old boring water. Regardless of which camp you are in, there are tips and tricks on how you can either increase your general water intake or get more efficient at it. 


  • Fill a glass or bottle when you wake up and drink it right away

  • Take a bottle with you everywhere.  If you have it readily available and in sight all the time, you are more likely to drink.

  • Use a larger bottle.  32 oz. or even larger saves you time on refilling.

  • Once you finish drinking a glass or bottle, fill it back up right away!  Do not wait until you are “thirsty” again because once it is out of sight, it is likely out of mind.

  • Set goals. “I will drink 2 bottles before lunch” or “this gallon jug will be empty before supper.”

  • Use a timer and drink each serving when the alarm goes off.

  • Get creative with incorporating soup into your meals.  That counts for water intake too.

  • Coffee and tea also counts.  There are so many health benefits around consuming adequate amounts of water to stay properly hydrated.  What strategies can you employ in your daily routine to help you drink, drink, drink?!

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