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What Are They And How Do They Work

What’s your creativity type?

What’s most likely to make you inspired?

What kind of creative people do you work best with?

If these and other similar questions interest you, then you will love creative personality tests.

The answers to questions regarding what sort of creative work we would be best at, what creative outlets would work best for us, and if we would fit in a creative social circle could all be found thanks to these tests.

In this article, we explain why the information they provide is important and share some of the best ones we have found.

Personality Tests And Their History

Personality tests assess our character for the specific time of taking them and give us an outlook, sometimes through an unconventional lens.

If we look at the past, we can see that personality tests have been around for millennia.

One of the most famous ancient versions of them comes from Hippocrates.

With his test, he differentiates four types of people based on certain types of bodily fluids - a concept that might seem odd but wasn’t that unconventional for its time.

Thanks to modern psychology, we now know that personality isn’t based solely on our physical selves but also on our experiences and environment.

This makes determining specific personality traits more complex, hence the need for more intricate methods.

However, if we move away from the scientific outlook, personality tests are still rather interesting.

Most of us love taking quizzes about our own character traits, and the reasons behind this differ from person to person.

However, some are more common than others.

Receiving simple definitions and guidance for our daily lives is one of the driving forces behind why we love answering personality questions.

The simplifications these tests provide come in handy when we have trouble understanding some of our own subconscious behaviors.

Another reason we find personality quizzes interesting could go unnoticed sometimes, but it’s almost always there - we love receiving validation for who we are.

Getting a positive overview of our unique character traits often makes us feel seen and complimented.

Almost everyone experiences this, and it’s something that most tests benefit from.

The more people answer a quiz, the more information its makers can receive, which helps them constantly refine the tests and make them more accurate.

Creative Personalities

Now that we have clarified what personality tests are, where they come from and why they're helpful, let's narrow it down to those concerning creativity.

Imagination, talent, and the desire to create are some of a person's most defining character traits.

It's only natural for psychologists worldwide to want to tap into what makes a person creative and how to differentiate the different types of creativity.

Surprisingly one of the best tests for this is "The creative types test" by Adobe.

It is based on psychological research and provides the participant with fascinating questions, detailed analysis, and suggestions for which creative types work best together.

The main mastermind behind the content of the test is Carolyn Gregoire - a writer specializing in psychology - everything from psychedelic research to neuroscience.

She has written for Harvard Health, Huffington Post, and many more influential media and keeps an editorial position to this day.

However, a very important part of the experience of taking this test is the work of the creative team behind it - who would have thought, right?

The animators, the photographers, the designers - these people make taking this quiz an entirely unexpected and satisfying activity.

All in all, "The creative types test" is a wonderful example of such personality quizzes.

The other test we will focus on was developed quite recently and is called "MyColor".

Participants find their creative personality types in the form of colors based on a series of questions.

What's important here is that you are also provided with an analysis of which colors work best together, which combinations should be avoided and why.

The test itself is mainly based on Jung's theory of extroverts versus introverts and emotion versus rationalism.

However, even though it uses this relatively old base as inspiration, the test keeps it relevant in the context of today's world, especially when analyzing the results.

The concept of creative personalities is definitely a source of inspiration for a lot of research in psychology.

As such, it's only normal that it is also the focus of many tests and quizzes.

Currently, quite a few are still being developed, and many recently made ones are just starting to gain traction.

That being said, figuring out your own creative personality and how you can best use your skills and strengths is becoming easier by the second.

So what are you waiting for - start answering these fascinating questions now!

You might just find out a little bit more about yourself.

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