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There's no question that being shredded looks great. It's the ultimate goal for many fitness enthusiasts, and for good reason - it's freaky (and sexy.)

But is being shredded sustainable? Is it possible to maintain such a low body fat percentage without sacrificing your health and personal life?

Moreover… Can anyone achieve it?

In this post, we'll take a look at what being shredded actually means, and whether or not it's a realistic goal for most people.

Lean VS Shredded

The fitness world is full of strange jargon, and two terms that often cause confusion are "lean" and "shredded."

To the casual observer, these words may seem interchangeable, but they actually refer to two very different body compositions.

Essentially, being lean means having a low body fat percentage without sacrificing muscle mass.

In contrast, being shredded refers to having a very low body fat percentage (usually single-digit) while still maintaining a significant amount of muscle mass.

This is the type of physique that is often seen in bodybuilders, during their competition season

Now, there is one very specific thing about being shredded, though… Shredded bodybuilders look like the epitome of strength.

They are muscular, pumped, and lean and their muscles are separated and very well defined.

However, though it looks like they are at their strongest, they are actually at their weakest!

Single-Digit BF = Unsustainable!

Well, it turns out, being shredded ain't easy. Besides being born with good genetics, achieving sub-10% body fat requires a lot of calorie restriction and time.

This means spending months - in a caloric deficit. And the downside to all that shreddedness?

A slowed metabolism, weaker immune system, lower libido, and frequent lethargy (this is why we said that competition-ready bodybuilders are at their weakest.)

Not to mention the fact that you'll probably be hangry (hungry and angry) as hell most of the time.

So next time you're scrolling through Instagram and feeling bad about your own body, just remember that those photo-perfect physiques come at a price.

That said, if you're still hell-bent on getting shreddy, just know that it won't be easy - but it is possible. Just be prepared to put in the work!

What’s A Sustainable Percentage?

Alright, with all of this in mind, there is one question that most of you are probably asking yourselves - how can one maintain a lean physique year-round, without sacrificing health and sex drive? Well, it’s simple - Just don’t aim for single-digit body fat percentages!

For most individuals, who are actively and consistently weight training over a couple of years, maintaining 9-12% body fat year-round would be relatively sustainable.

And well, while you won’t be disgustingly shredded to the bone, you will still have a lean, muscular physique that is the epitome of human strength!

All of this, while also being able to maintain and increase your strength, and endurance and have good health, sex drive, and freedom in your nutrition.

Final Thoughts

So, if being shredded is your goal, you can definitely achieve it. But be warned – it’s not a sustainable way of living and you may find that the results are short-lived.

If you want to look and feel great for years to come, focus on building muscle mass and maintaining a relatively low body fat percentage (9-12%.)

This is how you can look at your best, year-round!

Are you ready to start your journey? If so, reach out to us, and let’s get you kickstarted!

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