YES! I am ready to change my habits one at a time!  I understand this is NOT a meal plan, it's Healthy Habits University! I will be learning about nutrition over the next year, implementing new habits and will learn:

  • What makes a food healthy

  • How much I should to eat 

  • When is best for me to eat based on my life

  • To notice emotional triggers

  • Why my current habits are the way they are

  • A LOT about myself a long the way!

  • Workouts (if purchased)


I will NOT have to weigh my food on a scale or be restricted to a food list. I also will be patient and understand that the tortoise beats the hare.  I have life long habits that I will be working on changing!

I AM READY!  GET ME STARTED NOW! (Choose from the 2 options below!) 

*I am committing to 12 monthly payments and understand there are no refunds!


Nutrition Only: $179/month    NOW $87/mo

Nutrition and Workouts: $227/month    NOW $99